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Zombie Tinder

FERROSTRIKE 2 in 1, Round Bar, V-3 W/ Magnesium Handle and TITAN SurvivorCord TM


FERROSTRIKE 2 in 1, Round Bar, V-3 W/ Magnesium Handle and TITAN SurvivorCord TM


Product Description

The FERROSTRIKE V-3 has the same great features of FERROSTRIKE V-2, but with the following awesome, PATENT PENDING, upgrades -


  • Magnesium alloy handle. With the sharp edges of the Round Bar (scraper and steel), slivers can be scraped from the handle and used as tinder for an extra level of fire-kindling confidence. The magnesium slivers are easily lit with the V-3's sparks and burn at over 3000 degrees, helping even damp tinder catch fire!
  • Paracord upgraded to over 3 Feet of TITAN SurvivorCord™ 
  • Handy lanyard equipped with an easy break-free coupling for safe neck carry!
  • Choice of four SurvivorCord™ colors
  • Weighs only 1.8 OZ
  • Handmade in USA


 The Round Bar (scraper and steel) is held secure within the magnesium handle via the 3 feet of SurvivorCord™. There are no screws or special machining to hold it in place, but it will not come out of the handle even tethered around the neck or pack. The Round Bar is easily removed from the handle by simply pulling the SurvivorCord™ to the side of the unit and liberating the round bar from the magnesium handle. To return the Round Bar to the handle and secure in place, just slide the Round Bar back into the handle, pull the SurvivorCord™ tight, and that's it! Even with severe jostling the Round Bar will NOT slide out of the magnesium handle.

To make a fire using the Ferrostrike V-3, simply remove the Round Bar from the magnesium handle as described above. With the Round Bar, scrape the magnesium handle to produce a good pile of magnesium shavings. With your tinder bundle handy, use the Round Bar to scrape the ferrocerium rod to generate sparks. Throw the sparks onto the pile of magnesium shavings to light the magnesium. With the magnesium lit, move your tinder bundle over the hot embers to light. Now, insert the Round Bar into the magnesium handle and secure in place by pulling the Cord tight. 


The FERROSTRIKE is a must for your EDC!

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